About Andi Campbell-Jones

“You may all be wondering why I have decided to work with Kase filters? The answer is simple, apart from the great opportunity, it is mainly because I think the product range is excellent.  I am sure I am not the only photographer who has dropped a filter or two and watched in astonishment as it smashes into little pieces? Or had a piece of sand get in with a resin grad filter and witnessed the scratching that it did? When presented with an opportunity to stop that happening I had to try it. The Wolverine range by Kase should eliminate and reduce the chance of that happening again. The filters themselves are of excellent quality and aside from the toughness, do exactly what you would want from a filter set. Moving as I have from a another brand to these, another thing that astonished me was just how resistant these filters are to moisture and oils. A simple wipe with a microfiber cloth removes anything that the elements can chuck at it. Rain, oils, and sea water spray are so easy to remove, no smearing it all over.” ~ Andi Campbell-Jones

About Andi

Andi Campbell-Jones is a UK-based photographer who loves to capture the world we live in. Specialising in landscape, seascape, and astrophotography, you will find his work will take you to some stunning places. Not to be pigeon-holed into only one category, however, Andi has a varied portfolio to share with you. Be it long exposure, fine art, black and white, urban, just to name a few, hopefully, you will really see his passion in his work and enjoy it as much as he does.

Andi is a lover of travel and a good adventure, never will you see him more animated than when planning and going on his next trip or travels. Andi also runs both one to one and group photography workshops, to find out more head over to his main website.

Andi’s photography journey has taken him on some amazing adventures and made him some excellent new friends. He can be recognised for his talent and eye for his chosen genre. Whether on workshops, speaking to other photographers at events or being published and showing off his work, he hopes his passion really shines through.

Andi Campbell-Jones

Andi Campbell-Jones