Kase Wolverine 100mm centre grad C-GND 1.2 (4 stops)


The Kase Wolverine Centre Grad Filters are perfect for sunrise and sunset photography, where the brightest part of the frame is on the horizon, can be paired with Grad filters to achieve the perfect balance. These Pro-Glass, Virtually Indestructible, easy clean Wolverine Series filters are simply excellent. All filters come complete with carrying pouch.

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Kase Wolverine 100mm centre grad filter C-GND 1.2 (4 stops)

Light reduction: 4 stops
Sizes: 100 x 150 mm
Thickness: 2 mm
Includes a pouch
Almost unbreakable
Super waterproof
Shock resistant
Scratch resistant

The Centre GND filter or Horizon filter is used mainly when shooting a sunrise or sunset when the sun is not exactly on the horizon.
The filter fades gradually from above and below the darkest part of its centre (4 stops) giving a smooth and natural transition.


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