Nigel Danson

Nigel has to be one of the UK’s most well known landscape photographers, this is in part due to his great photography work, and of course due to his very entertaining YouTube channel. If you have not already you must go and checkout his YouTube channel, as he brings you great varied videos on his travels, tips, and life in general of a pro photographer. Here at Kase UK HQ we love Nigel’s passion and his professionalism, his photography speaks volumes about the journey he is constantly on and we are delighted to partner with Nigel as a brand ambassador and help him on that journey.

“I am YouTube creator and landscape photographer.  However, in reality I am just a lover of the natural landscape. Being dyslexic, photography had a profound impact on my early life, from when I uncovered the joys of developing black and white images in a makeshift darkroom.  From then I discovered my love of light and how it could create infinite possibilities for photographs of what was otherwise a static landscape.
After a literally heart stopping experience in Yosemite National Park, I made a massive changing decision to quit my corporate life as the CEO of an international software company I had founded, and follow my love of photography to become a creator full time. My philosophy is to seize the moment, and to use photography and videography to capture the essence of my experiences along this amazing journey. I run workshops all over the UK and rest of the world to share my knowledge, experience and passion for landscape photography.” – Nigel Danson

If you want to find out more about Nigel, then please see the below links to his portfolio’s, social media and also his workshops.


Nigel is a big fan of our Magnetic circular filters, here is a recent video he did on using filters.