Chris Nowell

Chris Nowell (Peak photography project)

After eight years in the British Army where I completed tours of Northern Ireland On a peacekeeping tour. Followed by five months during the war of Iraq more specifically operation Telic. Before finally being injured on my last tour in the British Army in Afghanistan after only three weeks in the country.

I suffered neurological memory loss as well as sight loss in my right eye and the loss of vision in the peripherals of my left eye. From the army, I received help and care from the charity blind veterans UK. Whilst having to learn to walk again read and right plus basic maths and English and other independent living skills. One specific course was the first charities photography course of which I decided to try as a challenge, with some time then needed to find the right type of photography for myself I landed on landscape photography in particular because of the peak district National Park.

From here I spent lots of time researching locations photography tips and learning skills on the Internet more specifically listening and watching on YouTube. From this, I then reached out to fellow landscape photographer and Dronfield lad Mark Henson for a lift and help in the Peak District.

My photography from there has grown and grown with a fairly decent Facebook following mostly due to what I believe my good reputation and attitude of never giving up.

As well as my personal landscape photography in the Peak District National Park I now teach other members of Blind Veterans UK to learn new skills and Refresh old skills such as 35 mm photography.

Now are use photography as my personal rehabilitation and love every piece of the landscape Derbyshire has to offer. I have goals to complete more photography in the Lake District and North Wales, however Iceland is the biggest goal.