Greg Knowles

‘I was delighted to be approached by Kase Filters UK to represent the amateur landscape photography market. Take a look at what made the decision to accept so easy, in my review following a grueling three month trial.’

Greg is a family man, with a passion for the outdoors and a very competent amateur landscape photographer. Recently an ambassador for Kase Filters UK, he provides 1 to 1/small group tuition and produces calendars and prints on a bespoke basis.

Greg is fortunate enough to live on the outskirts of the Peak District and spent many summers on the coast of Anglesey growing up, sailing, hiking, climbing and biking with his family. Being outdoors quickly became the second most important element in his life after family.

Inevitably he was inspired by the landscape and the desire to photograph these stunning locations soon followed. Today the passion still drives and motivates Greg out of warm beds at ungodly hours into harsh mountain environments, it drives him to scale and sleep on mountain summits with heavy equipment in inclement weather on the promise of a chance of some ‘good light’. That is the fun factor though, The adventure, the journey, the story. The click of the shutter is the final chapter.