Pro Partners

Kase UK Pro Partners


Our Professional Partners are pro or semi-pro landscape photographers, capturing the beauty of the United Kingdom and beyond as well as empowering others to learn more about the beauty of the landscape through their workshops. Kase UK work closely

with these great photographers who use our products so that they can demonstrate our excellent system to their clients. Our pro partners are also resellers of Kase products and always willing to help and give great advise. If you want to see our gear in action, then make sure you book yourself a workshop with one of these talented photographers or check out their website for any exciting events they have planned.


Marcus McAdam

James Grant

Stuart McGlennon

Dean Allan
Dean Allan

Adam Burton

Andy Farrer

Chris Sale

Ben Kapur

Rod Ireland
Rod Ireland

Phil Buckle

Phil Starkey

Lee Pengelly

Alan Howe

David Speight

Alex Hare