James Popsys

James Popsys

James is a Wales-based outdoor photographer best known for his photography related YouTube channel. The channel features reviews, tutorials and on location vlogs from around the world. Having first made his name as a conceptual photographer by knitting together images in Photoshop to give famous buildings sleeping masks and rural fields subway stations, he transitioned into more conventional work a few years ago and now judges the success of the day on the number of hours he spends outdoors in the mountains of Snowdonia or along the Welsh coastline, rather than the hours in editing software.

James’ clients include Lumix, Samsung, Adobe, Paypal and Lexar.


James Gear:

Lumix s5, Lumix 16-35, Sigma 24-70, Lumix 70-200
Lumix G9, Lumix 8-18, Lumix 12-35, Lumix 35-100
Kase Magnetic 82mm pro kit, 2 x 77mm step ups