Lee Pengelly

Kase UK Pro Partner Lee Pengelly is a landscape and travel photographer based in the beautiful South Hams region of Devon. Having first picked up a camera nearly 30 years ago photography has always played a big part in Lee’s life. In the early days as a keen amateur he honed his craft using film cameras and the infamous Fuji Velvia, “It was a great film to learn photography with as exposure was critical. Not much room for mistakes !”.

Early on Lee had the opportunity to make it his full time career. From the late 90’s he was shooting everything from landscapes and architecture to food, people, wildlife and products, working for publishers, calendar companies, stock agencies and private commercial clients. Lee built up an extensive collection of work during this time and went on to have 7 books published, contributing to many more. From 2007 Lee also ran landscape and travel workshops in the UK and overseas sharing his passion with like minded photographers from all walks of life.

Landscape and travel photography are his main passions. “Nothing beats being stood behind the tripod at dawn and dusk watching the light changing and waiting for that moment when everything combines to make the image. Finding the image is what its all about for me, the results are just the bonus”.

Lee continues to work commercially as a photographer supplying imagery to picture agencies and corporate clients. He shoots digitally and has now switched to a mirrorless system, this forms his main workhorse system for the majority of his work. However more recently he has rekindled his passion for film photography, working in large format 5×4” and medium format 6x6cm. “In this crazy fast paced world we live in shooting film is often met with disbelief. For me its a chance to slow down, take my time, and ultimately wait for the results rather than instant results. I find film photography very relaxing despite its antiquated ways”.


Lee’s Gear:

Canon EOSR with 17-40mm, 28-70mm & 100-400mm lenses.
Canon M3 with 18-55mm.
Bronica SQA with 80mm, 50mm & 150mm lenses.
K9 holder, polariser, ND 1000, 64 & 16. ND grads in 0.9 & 0.6 soft and hard gradation with 77mm, 67mm & 58mm adaptor rings.