Mathew Browne

Mathew Browne is a full-time travel photographer and writer from South Wales specialising in cityscape, landscape and night photography. His passion for travel and photography has taken him to nearly 50 countries to date. Closer to home, he leads photography workshops, commercial work, and portrait sessions in his home studio. In 2018 his first book “Wales in Photographs” will be released by Amberley Publishing, and three photographic guides will be released by Snapp Guides.

Mathew’s images are frequently featured online and in print by tourist boards, media outlets, newspapers and magazines. In 2017 he won the European Commission’s “Europe in my Region” photo competition and was a finalist in the Historic Photographer of the Year competition.

I love the Kase Wolverine KW100 filter – it’s a 10-stop neutral density filter that transforms my travel photography images. As well as creating a dreamy look with blurred clouds and smooth water, it’s an indispensible tool at tourist attractions, where I use the long exposures to easily blend away tourists and other distractions. The 10-stop ND filter is the most important accessory in my kit bag, and having used many brands in the past I can say with confidence that Kase is the market leader for this product. It’s shockproof, resists water, and leaves almost no colour cast – perfect for my needs.