Phil Starkey

Phil Starkey is an established landscape photographer based in Plympton, Devon. She lives a short distance away from the iconic Dartmoor National Park and this is where she spends a great deal of her time, she also likes to venture back into Cornwall where she previously lived for many years. Her landscape style is understated and instinctive, she enjoys conveying the feeling of solitude and escapism that she herself gets from being out in the landscape. In contrast Phil also enjoys more abstract intentional camera movement where she’s drawn to bold colour and lively flow. Phil runs bespoke Dartmoor 1-2-1’s and workshops, speaks at camera clubs both independently and with her partner and fellow landscape photographer Alan Howe, and her work has been exhibited nationally and locally. Aside from photography in her spare time she likes to get outdoors as much as possible either walking, wild camping, or mountain biking.



Phils Gear:

Canon M5, Canon EF-EOS M Mount Adapter, Canon EFS f/3.5-4.5 USM 10-22mm , Canon f/1.4 50mm, Tamron Di SP f/4-5.6 70-300mm
Kase K8 Filter Holder with Magnetic Polariser, Kase Magnetic K100 Slim 77-86mm Geared Ring,
49-77mm, 52-77mm Step Up Rings, 3 Stop Soft Grad, 4 Stop Soft Grad, 3 Stop Reverse Grad, 6 Stop ND, 10 Stop ND, Neutral Night Filter