Kase Ambassadors Q&A – Vanda Ralevska

Kase Ambassador Interview – Vanda Ralevska

Want to know a little more about our ambassadors? We asked them some questions.

Q1 – Tell us a little about yourself and your achievements?

I am a semi-professional landscape photographer based in London. Photography has been my passion since my teens, and over the years it became an inseparable part of my life. It enables me to see things that normally stay unnoticed, and appreciate the beauty that exists within everyday scenes.

I am a member of Arena Photographers, World Women Art and Echiquier groups. I have had several successes in international competitions, including the International Garden Photographer of the Year and Black and White Spider Awards. I regularly take part in joint exhibitions, and give lectures at photographic clubs, groups and festivals, both in UK and abroad. I hope to inspire others to find their own style, to look beyond the obvious, and to find joy while doing so.

Q2 – What’s your photography style?

I am predominantly a landscape photographer. Having grown up in an industrial area of former Czechoslovakia, I soon learnt how to appreciate beauty of the natural world, far away from hustle and bustle of a big city. Nowadays I find most inspiration in quieter scenes and intimate details, whether it is on the coast, in woodland, in the countryside, or even in cities, during quite times. I don’t limit myself to one particular subject. Photography for me is more about the moments when I don’t want to be anywhere else but where I am. About being truly present in those moment, and enjoying them for what they are.

I used other filters before, but nothing compares to the durability and neutral colours of KASE Filters.

Q3 – What equipment do you use?

I mostly use FujiFilm X-T3 with a selection of Fujinon and Zeiss lenses. I like experimenting with vintage and Lensbaby lenses. I also own Nikon D800 with a mix of Nikkor lenses, my favourite ones being Nikkor 24-70mm and 70-200mm. When photographing landscapes, I like taking my time, not only for long exposure photographs. Therefore I mostly use a Manfrotto tripod for support. And of course KASE Wolverine Master Kit.

Q4 – Why Kase Filters?

I used other filters before, but nothing compares to the durability and neutral colours of KASE Filters. There is no colour cast, they made of highest quality glass, so they don’t scratch easily like resin filters, and they are shatterproof. I used to worry about putting another piece of glass in front of my lenses, but I know that with KASE Filters I don’t need to worry any more. They don’t affect the quality, clarity or sharpness of the image in any way. They are very easy to clean and are smudge proof, which proved to be priceless for me. Especially because my favourite locations are by the sea, and I love taking photographs in the rain.

Q5 – Where can people see your work?

I have a constant presence on the likes of Facebook and Instagram, where I upload all my latest work.