Wolverine 75mm Series Filters & Holders

Kase Wolverine K75 Pro1.1 glass is totally new, but still outstanding. We have taken the amazing optical standards of our 2mm systems and made it thinner and lighter. At 1.1mm these filters will surprise you with how light they are, how tough they are, and most importantly how well they perform optically. These are the perfect companion to your compact mirrorless system.

Our K75 holder system has an innovative solution to the problem of using circular polarisers with slot-in systems. Rather than being mounted as the last filter, making it large and allowing the possibility of light being reflected into the lens, the Kase solution is to mount the polariser at the back of the system, allowing you to have up to three Neutral Density or Grad filters in front of the polariser. The polariser is mounted to a geared lens adaptor ring, that is then turned simply by using a gear on the holder when attached to your camera. To mount the polariser, it’s simply a case of placing it into the geared ring magnetically, removing the hassle of trying to screw a polariser into place. The CPL is specifically designed so that it can be removed even with the holder in place.

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