Landscape Photography Vlogcast in Italy

Landscape Photography Vlogcast in Italy

This trip had been in the making for over two years due to world events. Matt Bishop, Tom Peters and I (Paul Thomson) had been doing the Landscape Photography Vlogcast together for some time, and we had not met in person up to this point. So, the idea was born; a trip over to Italy to visit Matt, and at the same time scouting for a future workshop. We managed to get a window in which we were all available to travel so off we went. 

Arriving in Rome, Matt greeted us at the airport to take us to our first destination in Abruzzo which was a castle perched fifteen hundred metres up on a mountainside (one of the highest castles in Europe). 

It was spectacular and to top it off, we were staying in an apartment in the medieval village below it (a ten-minute walk from our door to the castle). We spent a magical two days at this location before moving on for a further two days at the other side of the Gran Sasso range of mountains. 

In this area (which had a different feel entirely from the first location), we were greeted by the Gran Sasso mountains which I have no other words for other than epic. Rising from the valley floors below and towering up above us, they were enormous and unlike anything I had experienced before, especially on a photography trip. This area is spectacular and relatively unvisited by photographers (as local knowledge is a must here to find the locations). Having someone local, who not only speaks the language but knows the area intimately is essential. We were lucky to have not only Matt, who lives and works in Italy but also Luigi, who is local to the area and climbs these mountains every week. I have to say that I am completely in love with this area, the people and the culture. Everything about it is amazing and the area has so much worth exploring, especially for photography. Moving on from this trip, we will be offering workshops in this area. Not only will it be somewhere new for photographers to experience; it will also be a huge benefit to this area of Italy.

During the trip, Paul used the Kase Wolverine Magnetic Filter series.