Wolverine Magnetic Circular Magnetic Filters

The Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filters are made from the same tough, colour neutral pro glass as our square filters, so you can be assured of your image quality and still have peace of mind.
These filters are perfect for those that do not require a full square system setup, the advantage being that they are lighter and more compact. The sets consist of stackable neutral density filters and a CPL, useful for both photographers and videographers, allowing you to both control reflections and control light.
When choosing the right size to buy for your needs, always buy the set for the biggest lens diameter filter thread you have, and then use our magnetic step ring to use it on any smaller lens sizes you have.
Example, if you buy an 82mm set for your 82mm lens thread, and then also want to use it on a 72mm lens thread, simply buy a 72mm to 82mm magnetic step ring, and that allows you to mount the mag circular filters direct onto the 72mm lens, you don’t need a separate lens adaptor.