Our Photographers

Here at Kase UK, we like to work with and promote the best. You can find out about those guys here. Collaboration is key to us, and we believe we have some of the most passionate advocates of our products.

Kase UK Ambassadors

Kase UK’s ambassadors are chosen as we believe that they represent the best in their chosen field, and in being the best they utilise our filters to achieve this. Our ambassadors are normally professional or semi-professional photographers and most have a string of awards to their names. It is a pleasure to be working with what Kase UK believe to be some very talented individuals.

UK Pro Partners

Our pro partners are award-winning, published full-time landscape photographers, often capturing the beauty of the United Kingdom and beyond as well as empowering others to learn more about the beauty of the landscape through their workshops, using KASE filters to achieve their desired imagery. Our professional partners also run workshops where you can see and use Kase filters in the field…

Kase UK Champions

Our Champions are highly enthusiastic, passionate photographers who just love to be out and about in the landscape, nothing excites them more than chasing the vision and seeking the beauty of the landscapes of the world, often using KASE filters in rugged environments. Our champions benefit from working a little closer with Kase UK and are just great photographers that we like. Our champions love using Kase Filters as much as we love making Kase filters the best they can be. If you want to be considered as a champion, why not drop us a line.

Do you want to work with Kase UK? Although we are currently not actively seeking new ambassadors, we are always willing to hear from you. Please drop us a line using the form below.