Our Photographers

Here at Kase UK, we like to work with and promote the best. You can find out about those guys here. Collaboration is key to us, and we believe we have some of the most passionate advocates of our products.

Kase UK Ambassadors

Kase UK’s ambassadors are chosen as we believe that they represent the best in their chosen field, and in being the best they utilise our filters to achieve this. Our ambassadors are normally professional or semi-professional photographers and most have a string of awards to their names. It is a pleasure to be working with what Kase UK believe to be some very talented individuals.


Greg Whitton

Alyn Wallace

Neil Burnell

Nick Hanson
Kase Ambassador - Nick Hanson

Alister Benn

Vanda Ralevska

Jack Lodge

Nigel Danson


UK Pro Partners

Our pro partners are award-winning, published full-time landscape photographers, often capturing the beauty of the United Kingdom and beyond as well as empowering others to learn more about the beauty of the landscape through their workshops, using KASE filters to achieve their desired imagery. Our professional partners also run workshops where you can see and use Kase filters in the field…


David Speight

James Grant

Kersten Howard

Phil Buckle

Marcus McAdam

Andy Farrer

Alex Hare

Ben Kapur

Rod Ireland
Rod Ireland

Stuart McGlennon

Phil Starkey

Alan Howe

Mathew Browne

Lee Pengelly

Adam Burton

Chris Sale



Officially Supported by Kase UK

Our ‘Officially supported by Kase’ section consists of photographers and photographic organisations that we work with and support on an ongoing basis. These individuals and organisations all have Kase Products that they will use in many ways. This can be for photographic workshops, educational purposes,  demonstrations, or to enable them to create the content that they need professionally. We are always keen to help the photographic community where we can, and proud to provide support to those involved.



Official Kase UK ResellersKase Official Reseller

As well as online at our shop, you can buy Kase products from our authorised partners.

Phil Sproson / Robin Whalley / Roger Merrifield / Gregg Cashmore / Duncan Graham / Melvin Nicholson / Katherine Fotheringham / Ed Rhodes / Paul and Filly Bonito-Brook / Dean Allan

These are all verified official Kase UK resellers along with our Ambassadors, Pro-Partners and Supported Photographers.