Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filters


The Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filters are made from the same tough, colour neutral pro glass as our square filters, so you can be assured of your image quality and still have peace of mind whatever the conditions.

These filters are perfect for those that do not require a full square system setup, the advantage being that they are lighter and more compact, making them a great companion to have in your camera bag. The sets consist of stackable neutral density filters and a CPL, useful for both photographers and videographers, allowing you to both control reflections and control light.

How to choose what you need to work with your lenses!

Step 1. Choose the Entry or Pro kit size you need for your biggest lens thread size…

Things to consider when using the Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular filters are that stacking filters will increase the chance of vignetting on wide angle lenses.
One way to negate this is to buy a bigger size than you need. Another point to consider is that using step up rings will mean that your lens hood can not be used at the same time as the filters.

Step 2. Choose what lens adaptors/step rings you need for your other lens sizes…

The lens adaptors screw direct to your lens and are just one size to correspond with your kit, however if you need to step from a smaller lens thread size then our Circular Magnetic step rings work as both the lens adaptor and step ring. Don’t forget to buy extra lens caps to fit your set size if you want to keep them on your lenses at all times.

Example, if you buy an 82mm set for your biggest 82mm lens thread, and then also want to use it on a 72mm lens thread, simply buy a 72mm to 82mm magnetic step ring, and that allows you to mount the mag circular filters direct onto the 72mm lens, you don’t need a separate lens adaptor.

We also have available a selection of individual magnetic circular filters for you, if you want to add to your collection or replace.