Rod Ireland

Rod IrelandKase UK Pro Partner Rod Ireland is a full-time professional photographer living in the Lake District. He runs photography workshops & holidays as well as exhibiting and selling his own landscape work. Each year he curates “The Northern Photography and Video Show” which debuted in 2016.

In combination with his photographic interests, he’s a qualified Mountain Leader and John Muir Award holder. He works with individuals and groups of all ages, helping to connect them to the outdoors through the medium of photography. Rod in our eyes is a very talented photographer, and we are pleased to have him working with us. Check out Rods work below and his website for more information.



Recent achievements:

Landscape Photographer of the Year
Runner up – Living the view, 2018
Kendal Mountain Festival
Winner – Mountain Landscapes Category, 2018
Outdoor Photographer of the Year
Shortlisted – 2018.
Scottish Landscape Photgrapher of the Year
Highly Commended Award – Overall Portfolio (3rd place) 2017

My love for both Photography and the outdoors are inextricably linked, one fuelling the other. What I learn in one sphere helps inform the other. Together these interests have helped me develop a broader appreciation and understanding of the environment and I try to communicate this in the landscape images I produce – Rod Ireland


Rod’s Gear:

Nikon D810 and Nikon D700
Samyang 14mm , Nikkor 24mm, Nikkor 50mm, Helios 55mm, Samyang 85mm, Nikkor 105mm macro, Nikkor 135mm, Nikkor 200mm, Nikkor 18-35mm, Nikkor 80-400mm
Kase K100 Wolverine kit Pro Kit 77-86mm (used with 52mm adaptor ring to fit Nikon primes)