Kase Wolverine series – Master kit


The Kase Wolverine Series Master Kit is the top kit from Kase.

As standard, it comes complete with 5 of the Wolverine 100mm filters, and the excellent K6 holder kit complete with Polarising filter, and a very smart and useful case to keep them all in.

You can specify the filters you want in the kit if you don’t want what is listed in the full details below.


The Kase Wolverine Series Master Kit includes

  1. K100-X holder
  2. Geared adapter rings: 77-86mm & 82-86mm
  3. Step rings: 67-82mm & 72-82mm
  4. 86mm Slimline (Polarising filter)
  5. Wolverine 100x150mm soft GND filter GND 0.9 (3 stop Soft Grad)*
  6. Wolverine 100x150mm soft GND filter GND 1.2 (4 Stop Soft Grad)*
  7. Wolverine 100x150mm R-GND filter R-GND 0.9 (3 Stop Reverse Grad)*
  8. Wolverine 100x100mm ND filter ND 64 (6 Stop ND)*
  9. Wolverine 100x100mm ND filter ND 1000 (10 Stop ND)*
  10. K100 square filter bag

The excellent way to start your Wolverine experience. These kits available in Master, High-End, and Entry, forms depending on your needs, contain a good range of filters to get you going. The excellent K100 Holder with Slimline CPL filter is included, along with the ingenious K100 Filter Bag, that can store your filters.

*The Kits come with these filters as standard but can be ordered to any spec you want, by swapping filters from the 100mm Wolverine Range. For Example, on the entry level kit you can swap the 6stop for a 10stop filter and so on. Please contact us to arrange this.


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