Kase Revolution Mag Circular Soft GND0.9 & Adaptor Ring 82mm


Kase Revolution Mag Circular Soft GND0.9 (3 stop) & Adaptor Ring

Individual Circular Soft Graduated Filter and Adaptor Ring.  Can be used with other Kase Revolution Magnetic Circular Filters or on its own with the supplied lens adaptor.

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Our Individual 0.9 (3 stop) Revolution Circular Soft Graduated Filters and Adaptor Ring can be used in conjunction with our other Revolution filters, or on their own.

Graduated filters provides more control over exposure and helps achieve a balanced and well-exposed photograph, especially in challenging lighting conditions.

These are fixed graduated filters, the graduation can not be adjusted for horizon levels independent of the camera.

In the Box

  • Kase Revolution Magnetic Soft GND0.9 82mm – Marked with 3 Red Lines for easy identification.
  • Kase Circular Magnetic 82mm Lens Adaptor