Kase Filters UK Demo Sessions

📸 Experience the Ultimate Kase Filters UK Demo Sessions: Unleash Your Photographic Creativity! 📸

Are you an avid photographer looking to elevate your skills and capture breathtaking landscapes like never before? We’ve got an exclusive opportunity that you won’t want to miss! Introducing the Kase Filters UK Demo Sessions, hosted by one or two outstanding Kase Associated Photographers. Get ready to embark on an educational journey that will transform the way you approach photography!

📍 Limited Spaces, Unlimited Inspiration

Our Demo Sessions offer an intimate learning experience, limited to just 5 or 10 participants per session. This ensures that every attendee receives personalised attention and guidance. No more feeling lost in large workshops! Our experts are committed to sharing their insights and helping you master the art of using Kase filters.

💡 Unlock the Power of Kase Filters

Kase filters are renowned for their exceptional quality and innovation in the world of photography. During the Demo Sessions, you’ll have the chance to learn all about Kase filters, their various applications, and the technicalities that make them indispensable tools for landscape photographers. From neutral density filters to graduated filters, you’ll discover how to enhance your images and capture scenes with the perfect balance of light and colour.

🎟️ How to Secure Your Spot

To participate in this exclusive opportunity, you’ll need to enter the ballot. It’s a straightforward process – simply submit your entry for a chance to be selected! Ballot entries are limited to one per person, so make sure to put your name in the hat. The cost of the Demo Session is £25 per person, a nominal fee for the wealth of knowledge and inspiration you’ll gain.

📅 Session Details

Each Demo Session will last approximately 4 hours, providing ample time for hands-on experience and learning. These sessions will be held at various stunning locations across the UK, adding an exciting element of exploration to your photography journey. Check out the upcoming session locations below:

  • November 4th 2023 – Peak District – Andrew Yu & Stephen Elliott Entry ClosedSuccessful Applicants Notified
  • November 12th 2023 – East Sussex (Rye) – Michael Pilkington Entry ClosedSuccessful Applicants Notified
  • November 18th 2023 – Devon (Belstone) – Julian Baird & Adam Burton Entry ClosedSuccessful Applicants Notified
  • November 25th 2023 – Dorset (Portland) – Jack Lodge & Andy Farrer Entry ClosedSuccessful Applicants Notified
  • December 3rd 2023 – North Pennines – Paul Thomson Entry ClosedSuccessful Applicants Notified
  • January 27th 2024 – Perthshire (Hermitage) – Katherine Fotheringham & Nicky Goodfellow Entry Closed
  • January 20th 2024 – Llanddwyn (Wales) – Gareth Mon Jones Entry ClosedSuccessful Applicants Notified
  • April 6th 2024 – Highlands (Glencoe) – Alister Benn & Dean Allen

🛍️ Exclusive Voucher and More

But wait, there’s more! On attending the Demo Session, you’ll receive a £50 voucher to spend at Kasefilters.com. This means you can start building your collection of high-quality filters and take your newfound skills to the next level. Our goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to thrive in your photography endeavours.

📢 Important Notes & Conditions

  • Refunds for non-attendance are only possible if you provide notice at least 7 days in advance of the session date.
  • The £50 voucher will be issued exclusively to attendees of the session.
  • Session Leaders will have various Kase Revolution and Kase 100mm Armour filter systems available for use.
  • Session attendees are required to provide their own transport to and from session locations.
  • Attendees will be selected at random from the ballot entries for each session. At that point you will be contacted to secure your place at the session.

Capture moments like never before and transform your photography game with the Kase Filters UK Demo Sessions. Enter the ballot, secure your spot, and let your creativity shine through your lens. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn, explore, and connect with fellow photography enthusiasts. See you at the session!