Andy Farrer

Andy Farrer is an accomplished professional landscape photographer. His eye for composition and sympathetic processing earned him the title of Landscape Photographer in 2015.

Andy enjoys seeing the landscape change throughout the seasons and in differing light and living on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset there is no shortage of inspiration. Whether it is on the coast or atop a snowy mountain or amongst the sand dunes of a desert, it is the colour and light that continues to captivate him.

He leads workshops both in the UK and overseas for individuals and groups.

The art of printing, is one of the aspects of photography that first gave Andy the photography bug and it is something he still enjoys very much. To the extent that he has set up a professional fine art print studio and prints for many professional photographers and artists. Holding a beautifully printed image in your hands is a very rewarding experience. Converting pixels to print allows the images to be enjoyed for generations, rather than disappearing down a timeline in favour of newer pixels.

Here at Kase UK, we are delighted to be working with and supporting Andy, we have always admired both his work and his professionalism.