Kase Wolverine 100mm hard grad GND 0.6 filter (2 stops)


The Kase Wolverine Hard Edged Grad Filters are perfect for Seascape and defined horizon lines photography. These Pro-Glass, Tough, easy clean Wolverine Series filters are simply excellent. All filters come complete with carrying pouch.

SKU: KW100HGND0.6 Categories: , GTIN: 5060641970235


Kase Wolverine ND 0.6 filter Hard Grad filter (2 stops)

Light reduction: 2 stops
Sizes: 100 x 150 mm
Thickness: 2 mm
Includes a pouch
Toughened Glass
Super waterproof
Shock resistant
Scratch resistant

A graduated neutral-density filter, also known as a graduated ND filter, split neutral-density filter, or just a graduated filter, is an optical filter that has a variable light transmission. … These are used for special effects or to compensate for light falloff that is natural with large optics.


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