Kase Ambassador Interview – Alyn Wallace

Kase Ambassador Interview – Alyn Wallace

Want to know a little more about our ambassadors? We asked them some questions. 

Q1 – Tell us a little about yourself and your achievements?

So my name is Alyn Wallace and I’m a landscape astrophotographer from South Wales. For the last year I’ve been full-time with the photography, running workshops here in Wales and across Europe and working on TV productions for various BBC documentaries as well as my own YouTube channel. I’ve been shortlisted in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition for the last 3 years and my work is frequently used in mainstream media as well as popular photography magazines such as Digital Camera, PhotoPlus and Sky at Night magazine. 

Q2 – What’s your photography style?

My work is very similar to classical landscape photography except undergone at night under starry skies. The predictability of the night sky allows me to plan shots very much in advance before praying for the weather conditions to be favourable whilst the alignment is possible. I’m on a continuous quest to find the darkest skies and the most otherworldly landscapes and aim to portray our place in the universe on this little rock we call home. As far as my style goes, my images are quite punchy and somewhat rich in colour. Even though our eyes cannot perceive colour in dimly lit environments there is still colour captured in the long exposure of a digital camera, opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities and essentially allowing you to paint on a black canvas as it were.

I love the compact design and light weight of the K8 holder kit with magnetic CPL. No gimmicks, just what you need.

Q3 – What equipment do you use?

I shoot my stills with a Sony A7III and the video footage for my YouTube channel on a Sony A7SII. I use a variety of fast primes, my favourite manufacturer being Samyang for their amazing performance in astrophotography and very reasonable prices although the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 is also a favourite. I often use star tracking mounts such as the iOptron Sky Tracker Pro or the Move Shoot Move SiFo rotator and all the above is housed on Benro Mach 3 tripods.

Q4 – Why Kase Filters?

I love the compact design and light weight of the K8 holder kit with magnetic CPL. No gimmicks, just what you need. And as someone who carries two camera setups as well as star tracking mounts, every gram counts! Of course, the Night Focus tool and the Neutral Night filter help me get the most out of my astro work and I also love the hydrophobic coating on the Wolverine series of glass. Any water or dew on the filter just wipes off with ease, no smudging. 

Q5 – Where can people see your work?

The best place to follow my work would be my YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/c/AlynWallace

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