Kase Pro Partners Q&A – James Grant

Kase Pro Partners Q&A – James Grant

Here at Kase along with our ambassadors we also like to partner up with photographers that work at a professional level in the industry. Our Professional Partners are pro or semi-pro landscape photographers, capturing the beauty of the United Kingdom and beyond as well as empowering others to learn more about the beauty of the landscape through their workshops. Kase UK work closely with and support these great photographers who use our products so that they can demonstrate our excellent system to their clients and take amazing images themselves. Our pro partners are also very knowledgeable of Kase products and always willing to help and give great advice. If you want to see our gear in action and learn how to take stunning images, then make sure you book yourself a workshop with one of these talented photographers. Check out their website for any exciting events they have planned.

Tell us a little about yourself. What started you in photography, where are you from, what achievements etc have you gained?

I started photography back in 2008, well this is when I got my first DSLR, a Sony a200. At the time I just wanted a good camera to take shots from my walks in the hills and mountains and record memories for when I was older and likely having forgotten the walks. It quickly progressed from there, winning a National Level competition just 3 months later and then winning another major competition for the Peak Park within my first year. I felt very lucky at the time. I am now living in Nantwich but I used to live near the Peak District and this is my main base where I take photos. However, I also now live closer to Snowdonia and so I am trying to put a lot more effort in there. I think my biggest achievement was self-publishing my book, Peak District Through The Lens in 2015 which was a photographic guidebook and sold out in less than 18-months. I only wish I had printed more!

Do you have a photography style and what are your favourite locations or things to shoot?

I’m very much a grand landscape kind of photographer. I love big wide views and this comes from my love of the hills and mountains. I’m happiest up a mountain when it’s quiet, taking shots in fantastic conditions that no one else is witnessing at that point in time. I dabble in coastal as it makes a refreshing change.

Kase produce high quality filters. When you spend so much money on gear, you don’t want to put something cheap in front of all that gear and fall down at the last hurdle.

What or who has influenced you most in photography?

The mountains and beautiful landscapes are their own influence. When I first started photography I took a lot of inspiration from local photographer’s on Flickr, which inspired me to go find new places etc. I never really took much inspiration  from the pro’s because I found a lot of images unrelateable as they weren’t around the Peak District. This has changed slightly over the years now I explore more but I still think some of the biggest influencers are the people you know an d interact with on social media.

What do you shoot with, what are the tools you use to make stunning images?

I shoot with a Sony a7r IV (although this is new and not used much, previously a mk II), a 16-35mm f4, 55mm and 70-200 f4. I use mainly a Gitzo GT1545 tripod as its light but sturdy and is great for mountains. I also have a larger Benro tripod if I feel I need something really rock solid but does weigh you down on the big walks, so use it more lower down where its less of an issue. Of course, I also use Kase filters. I have a full master kit but in truth as I exposure blend (through preference) I mainly use the polariser and ND filters to help me get the images I desire, particularly with long exposures.

Why Kase filters, what do you love about our products, how do they help?

Kase produce high quality filters. When you spend so much money on gear, you don’t want to put something cheap in front of all that gear and fall down at the last hurdle. They have also produced some magnificent solutions to common problems such as the magnetic polariser which is so quick and easy and better than alternatives.

What professional services do you offer, and where can people find out more about them and see your work?

I regularly run a variety of workshops, as well as selling prints and doing commissions. My workshops are based a lot in the Peak District and are generally themed e.g. autumn, gritstone edges, white peak etc. These are group based but I do offer 1-2-1’s. I also offer residential workshops at least twice a year on the Isle of Skye and finally, I like to offer some adventurous alternatives for those looking to take their photography a little higher (literally!) in that I offer 1-day and wild camping workshops in the mountains. You can see more details by going to my workshops page on my website.

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A beautiful sunrise from the shores of Llynnau Mymbyr near Capel Curig during the first real snow of winter.