Kase UK – Professional Photographers Support Fund – Covid19

Here at Kase UK we have been discussing how we might be able to give back something to our very supportive extended Kase UK family of Professional Photographers. We are very proud to work with some amazing photographers, who like a lot of people in the UK are now finding themselves without an income. We believe that almost all of them have had the majority of their income stream removed, due to both self regulation, and the current sensible measures in place by the government in this unprecedented time. We want to try and help.

The management here at Kase UK have chosen to setup a relief fund for those that need it in our family of associated/professional photographers. This fund will be generated by taking 10% of each sale after TAX through our official website kasefilters.com and  be distributed to those that need it.

Kase UK know that there will be many that are going to need help in this difficult time, and given unlimited resources we would love to help them all, but we believe our efforts are best concentrated on those that have supported us, allowing us to give something back in our community and doing so without costing anyone any more money.

Kase UK want to be totally open about how we will manage this fund and how it has been agreed who will benefit. The current situation will be monitored, and the fund will be in place whilst it is needed, with monthly reviews.

We polled all our associated photographers who currently work closely with us, and asked them to be involved in the decision making process of this. We 1st asked them if they were in agreement with us doing this, 100% agreed, we then asked them to either opt in or out of this scheme. As is normal in society there are those that are better prepared for situations like this than others. We are very pleased to say that of our polled photographers 2/3rds have declined needing any support currently and given up any current income stream from Kase UK, so the fund will be directed at the 1/3rd that needs this. We have seen some wonderful sacrifices from our top affiliates here, and we really do thank you all for that and your input.  We will likely see changes in those that need it with the introduction of the announced UK government support packages too, but we do know that some will still not be covered by this. As things change we will adjust as needed.

All that is left now is for us to generate some sales, we are sure like most that sell luxury goods, as in not something that is a necessity, buying filters will be way down peoples shopping list. But for those that do want to we have also introduced a 5% discount code to reward our customers who will be in return helping those that they hopefully like and admire the work of. All other affiliate link codes and discount codes will be disabled during this period unless the customer is a returning customer with a life-long code. The code is valid until 1st june 2020.

If there are any questions relating to this, please use our contact form to get in touch.


Kind Regards

Kase UK