Martin Annaud – Long Exposure Photography Social takeover November 2020

Kase UK is inviting customers of Kase Filters, the opportunity to takeover our Social Channels for one week, each month. To kick off the regular activity, we asked Long Exposure photographer, Martin Annaud – @23martian to share some of his top tips, inspiration and his process in to long exposure photography.

“I’m a very late comer to photography. I really wish I had got into it earlier but better late than never as they say. Got my first proper camera in 2016. Played around for a while  but things changed for me the first time I put a filter on the front of my lens.”

“The ability to open the shutter for longer and capture more than a moment in time fascinated me and that slower pace of photography suited me too. The dreamy state especially with tides and skies and the sense of isolation and tranquility that filters can create have a hold on me that I am still exploring and would like to improve on and take further.”

“I have always tended to go for longer exposure 2 minutes plus to truly flatten or mist up water and have clouds fully streaking across the sky to do this a few essentials to keep the camera absolutely still! They are a very sturdy tripod, a shutter release remote for those exposure in Bulb Mode and Neutral Density Filters. I have a 6 stop, 10 stop and 16 stop, plus a circular polariser and I find that this will get me through in most conditions.”

“My biggest piece of advice for anyone and not only for Long Exposure Photography is just to get out there and take photos. Nothing is certain in photography, never truly trust the forecast and things can change in an instance and turn a bad day into a great day. This can only happen though if you’re out there!”

“I have been using Kase filters for 2 years now and have stuck with Kase as they give me what I need in a filter. A toughness in build quality that you need in the field when the conditions are far from perfect , as good as zero colour cast that gives outstanding image quality even when the ND filters are stacked. Kase Filters I feel are always looking to innovate and improve. They do this by reaching out and talking with photographers, the people who will ultimately use their products.”