Another good Kase Filters review here by Floris Smeets

A great review here by Floris Smeets

A little about Floris

Photography and guiding are my full time profession and passion. I use the Norwegian nature for my playground, where I mainly focus on wildlife and landscapes. I have great respect for the nature and think it is of great importance that pictures are taken in natural situations without disturbing the wildlife or altering the scenery. With my pictures I try to capture the natural beauty in a way that it is not just a captured moment, but that it tells a story. The species of wildlife I focus on, are often not the easiest species to photograph. My knowledge of the nature, my patience and persistence are the key to my success. So far my work has been featured in several magazines and exhibitions. Next to photographing, I run photo workshops and photo courses in nature and wildlife photography. ~ Floris Smeets

*This review includes the hold Holder Kit, the new K6 K100 is an improved option.

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