A great review here from Kersten Howard

A great review here from Kersten Howard

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A little bit about Kersten

I was lucky enough to have spent most of my childhood in the small village of Lamphey, in the wonderful county of Pembrokeshire. As a child I was introduced to the beauty of my home county by my grandparents, who would take all the grandchildren out across the coastal path for a Sunday after-dinner ‘stomp’.

Work kept me away from my home for over 20 years, during which time I discovered photography. I tried most types of photography, but always came back to landscapes & seascapes.

After far too many years in the ‘rat race’ I decided it was time to pursue my dream of becoming a Photographer. Fuelled by the memories of the Sunday ‘stomps’ I returned home to Pembrokeshire with camera in hand.

“From the perfect summer’s day to the harshest winter,
from calm seas to crashing waves,
from packed sands to desolate beaches,
from rolling hills to the Preseli Mountains,
the diversity of Pembrokeshire is truly amazing.
It is this variety that I aspire to portray in my images.”

Since returning home, and spending many years capturing my home county, I have now set my sights on photographing the rest of the UK and abroad. Please keep checking in the Portfolios for new work from further a field.

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