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Kase Pro Partner Q&A – Alan Howe

Kase Pro Partners Q&A – Alan Howe

Here at Kase along with our ambassadors we also like to partner up with photographers that work at a professional level in the industry. Our Professional Partners are pro or semi-pro landscape photographers, capturing the beauty of the United Kingdom and beyond as well as empowering others to learn more about the beauty of the landscape through their workshops. Kase UK work closely with and support these great photographers who use our products so that they can demonstrate our excellent system to their clients and take amazing images themselves. Our pro partners are also very knowledgeable of Kase products and always willing to help and give great advice. If you want to see our gear in action and learn how to take stunning images, then make sure you book yourself a workshop with one of these talented photographers. Check out their website for any exciting events they have planned.

Tell us a little about yourself. What started you in photography, where are you from, what achievements etc have you gained?

Born and living in Plymouth, I began a fascination with photography and cameras around age 9 at a wedding, where I got to handle my cousins SLR. In the late 80’s I bought my first camera; a second hand Zenith I found in a shop for £45. I acquired some lenses from a friend’s dad and learnt from books I borrowed from a library and lots of trial and error. I made the switch to digital in 2010 and began concentrating on landscapes around a year later, and became hooked on dawn shoots.

After quite a few publications in magazines and a small exhibition, I began running 1-2-1 workshops, concentrating on my local patch of Dartmoor. I did my first club talk in 2012 and have spoken at many clubs since. I like to explore, trying to avoid the ‘Honeypots’, finding alternative views that are seldom photographed.

In 2015 I met Phil Starkey, another landscape photographer, and we became partners, exploring the country, shooting and working together. In 2018 we made the switch to Kase filters and became resellers.

Do you have a photography style and what are your favourite locations or things to shoot?

I guess I prefer the wider vistas rather than more intimate details, but occasionally I use a longer lens to concentrate on parts of the landscape. I usually shoot at either end of the day and love stormy weather when the light in between the showers is rich. Dartmoor is my favourite location as it’s about 10 minutes from home but I do head to the south Devon coast sometimes, which can be as little as 15 minutes drive.

Everything about the Kase equipment works so well and feels solid. Even when I dropped one of my filters onto railings and concrete there was only a small chip on a corner. I’ve seen other filters in pieces after a lesser fall.

What or who has influenced you most in photography?

I have many influences, but there are 2 main ones.  Reading David Noton’s book, Waiting for the Light, first inspired me to get out at dawn and wait. His natural style and ability to transport the viewer to the scene is outstanding. David Clapp’s style has always fascinated me in the way he shoots the unusual and makes it look like a piece of art. His compositions can sometimes be quite random but they’re always strong. He’s become a good friend and has been helping with various aspects of my photography.  I think some of what Phil does has rubbed off a little too.

What do you shoot with, what are the tools you use to make stunning images?

I use a Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16m f2.8, Nikon 80-200 f2.8, Nikon 40mm, Nikon 50mm f 1.8 and the Nikon 18-105mm. A Benro TMA48CXL Mach 3 tripod and the Benro GD3WH geared head holds it all steady. Obviously a set of Kase filters are in my bag too, which is an old Lowepro rucksack with the straps removed carried inside an Osprey back pack.

Why Kase filters, what do you love about our products, how do they help?

I’ve used many makes of filters (Cokin, HiTech, Lee, B+W, Haida) and after my first shoot with Kase I was convinced. The clarity is obvious even on the back of the camera. Once I got the images up on the big screen and realised there’s very little work needed in post, I didn’t want to use any of my old filters (one Lee filter was almost brand new!) and sold them. Everything about the Kase equipment works so well and feels solid. Even when I dropped one of my filters onto railings and concrete there was only a small chip on a corner. I’ve seen other filters in pieces after a lesser fall.

What professional services do you offer, and where can people find out more about them and see your work?

I sell images and prints via my website and run 1-2-1 and small group workshops, as well as providing images for calendars, images and copy for magazines and have a number of my images being used by Buckland Abbey National Trust on their website and on site.

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Leather Tor - Kase Wolverine 2 Stop Hard Grad

Leather Tor – Kase Wolverine 2 Stop Hard Grad