Press Release – Kase K9 100mm Holder System has Launched

Press Release Kase UK


Kase UK are very pleased to announce that our next generation 100mm filter holder, the K9 is now available in the UK.

Building on the success of our previous K8 holder, we have listened to feedback from our customers and made some changes.

The K9’s rear mounted, magnetically attaching, circular polariser has increased to a 90mm diameter, and means that along with redesigned filter rails, the holder can now be used on up to 14mm lenses on full frame cameras. We have also improved the overall ergonomics of the metal alloy constructed holder, adding rapid turn screw fastening, simple cut-outs to assist with removing the CPL, and an improved geared wheel for rotating the CPL.

Stephen Elliott, Technical Director of Kase UK, says, “The last generation holder was excellent, but we knew we could do even better with the K9. It is exactly what we think a filter holder should be; simple to use, practical, and reliable, with no gimmicks. The fact that our designers and engineers have managed to make these improvements and managed to make it lighter again just proves what an innovative team we have. Our main goal for the K9 was to allow it to be used with the newer, wide angle lenses without compromise. We have achieved this and so much more.

The K9 is available now at and at WEX Photo Video online and will retail for £140, including the main holder, CPL, 82, 77mm Geared Lens Rings, and 72 and 67mm step rings. You will also find our filter kits are now available with the K9 holder as well.